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18th-Oct-2030 01:51 pm - [sticky post] MASTER FIC LIST
sledge snafu bed
i wrote these:

Release the Dogs
Brad keeps himself mostly squared away in Iraq
With a little help from Ray, and Nate, and Ray/Nate

An NC-17 Generation Kill Fanfiction
in-canon, ~18k words
Warnings: some dubcon-type stuff in Part 3

Part 1             Part 2           Part 3

Sleep Aid
Snafu wants to get some sleep in the short term,
and to save Sledge in the long (like, forever) term.

An NC-17 Sledge/Snafu Fanfic
Takes place within "The Pacific" timeline
~22,000 words altogether

Let the Fires Bathe Us
On Pavuvu after the battle at Pelilieu,
Sledge is having trouble adjusting to who he is now that he's seen war.
Snafu helps the best way he knows how.

Another NC-17 Angsty Snafu/Sledge Fanfiction
18k words
Part 1   Part 2

Melancholy is a Hotel Room
you always eventually leave it)
5100 words ~ Generation Kill fanfic ~ Brad/Nate
After Nate left the Marine Corps, Brad and Nate met up when they could while leading separate lives. This was one of those times.

Some people may also be interested in another "work" of mine - my list of
ALL the Sledge/Snafu Non-AU fic i have ever found (updated Jan. 6, 2013).

Title: Melancholy is a hotel room (you always eventually leave it)
Author: someonesgrlbomb
Rating: RàNC-17ish
Pairing: Brad/Nate
Word count: 5100
Summary: After Nate left the Marine Corps, Brad and Nate met up when they could while leading separate lives. This was one of those times.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: I don’t know if Brad was in England when Nate was in college, and I know that wouldn’t be hard to figure out.  It’s just not about that for me.  These are fictional characters in a story that, as usual, took off in a direction I didn’t plan but I enjoyed the ride.  I can see it is a clear-cut case of me writing what I know.  Four years is long enough to linger around on my hard drive - time to send this baby out into the world.

Bradisfy me!Collapse )
6th-Jan-2013 11:08 pm - Top Gun is proto-slash

Finally getting around to putting this in my own journal...I wrote this spoof of the Top Gun intro lines to try to entertain FabulaRasa who wrote Kings of the Airthe brilliant and much-called for slashing of Iceman/Maverick from Top Gun.   I also wrote it to try to entertain chemm80 who podfic'ed it. 

If you were alive for Top Gun to be the big deal that it was, and if you now find yourself a fangirl who slashes boys, then you may realize that Top Gun was one of those things that led you to where you are today, e.g., it was “proto-slash,” which is what FabulaRasa said to me, and I was thusly inspired:

**start electronic snare drum sounds here**

On May 16, 1986, Paramount Pictures portrayed an elite school for the top one percent of US Navy pilots. Its purpose was to teach the budding art of slash and to insure that the handful of fans who perceived it became the best fanfiction writers in the world.

They succeeded.

Today, the Navy calls it a pretty-good-marketing-idea-for-the-time.

The fangirls call it: 


3rd-Nov-2012 01:02 am - FanFiction: Release the Dogs Part 3b
sledge snafu bed

Title: Release the Dogs, Part 3 continuation from here)

“See, sir?  Isn’t that the pinnacle of pleasure?” 

more of the third thing that happenedCollapse )


Title: Release the Dogs (The Second Thing That Happened)
Author: someonesgrlbomb
Rating: NC-17 (though this part is PG-13, really)
Length: Part 1+2+3 ~18,000 words
Warnings: elements of dubcon, rimming
Pairings: Brad/Ray, Brad/Nate, Brad/Nate/Ray
Summary: A threesome-bound fanfic, in three parts.

Release the Dogs Master Post

The Second Thing That Happened
The Second Thing That HappenedCollapse )

21st-May-2012 03:11 pm - Sledge/Snafu Non-AU Fic: Authors O-Z

Sledge/Snafu Non-AU Fic Compilation

Authors O-Z plus Anons

(click here for A-N)

Original post May 2012
Updates in purple

expandCollapse )

Sledge/Snafu Non-AU Fic Compilation

Authors A-N

(click here for O-Z and anon)

Original post May 2012
Updated May 2013 (e.g., new stuff added; I admit that some original links have been lost and I will fix [sniff! delete] those when I can bear to)

expandCollapse )

anon         Back to intro for this compilation list

sledge snafu dark

***shoving soapbox into place***


I think many Sledge/Snafu fans may agree that there is not enough fic for us, and by comparison to some of the giant fandoms out there, we are not just being whiny.   We are a deprived lot.  My response?  Gather all the Sledge/Snafu that I can all around myself, like a pillow fort (a pillow fox hole?), and breathe it in, revel in it, make it seem like the whole world.  There – oh yeah, that feels better.  I thought I’d share this compilation since it puts me in a contented place. 

~~***~~ The State of the non-AU Sledge/Snafu Fanfic World ~~***~~
(updated as of Jan. 6, 2013)

Stories have been written by about 40 authors (plus anons)

There are like 10 ‘Verses or multi-chapter stories

There are approximately 77 standalone stories (oneshots, drabbles, meme fills, etc.)

This compilation list is only canon or canon-esque fic.Collapse )

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